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Hands On with Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini has now released its Opera Mini 5 beta for the Android platform. Earlier, it had its Mini 4 for this platform but now it has come out with this bigger and better version which includes many new features over the Mini 4. After spending some time with the new browser, we bring you this hands-on report.

The new browser is identical to the one that we have seen on the Java platform. The startup screen has the URL field and the Search field on the top. Surprisingly, there was no option to change the search engine in the Android version and Google was the default and only option. Also, we could not add extra search fields from other sites. This, we thought, was a bit of an undersight for the company and just because it is on Android, it doesn't mean it has to be just Google search.

Below, you can see an option to 'Tell a friend'. With this feature, you can inform someone about the availability of this browser by entering their name and email ID. You can remove this option from the Settings menu though. Below that option are the nine Speed Dial buttons. Quickly tapping them takes you to that site. You can edit them and add your favorite sites for quick access.

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